We know you need it specific.

We understand the need to tailor the Global Shop Solutions ERP specifically to your company. 


How is your fit?

I have found it is easiest to equate the need for consulting or customization to buying a suit off the rack.  It doesn't matter how nice or expensive the suit is, it will never look right, feel right, or fit right without getting it tailored.   We all know that part of the purchase of a suit off the rack means it will need to be tailored for us.

Software systems like GSS, no matter how comprehensive or powerful they are, will never work perfectly for the needs of your company right out of the gate.   Even if you have been working with GSS for years, the likelihood of you knowing how to code or build a query to get the right report or build a custom dashboard is unlikely.

We get your GSS ERP fitting right and working better than you could even dream.

Let our team of professional GSS experts show you how we can help you grow.

Discover more

The Power of GAB.

GAB is the platform created by Global Shop to allow custom programming for their base system.   We are GAB professionals well versed with more than 30 years of development experience with Global Shop.

It Is Time To Choose The Best

Custom Reports

We have the expertise to drive what you need into a report, exactly the way you want to see it.  Drive sales reports from the individual with roll up all the way through the organization.  We have done that.     Scheduling, invoicing, cash flow, prospects, forecasting, inventory.   We have built thousands reports for clients.


A dashboard is key, and it drives off data and reporting.   It creates a quick look high level at the key areas and metrics of a business.  Every department and manager needs something different, something specific to help make their job of managing to a goal easier and more consistent.  Companies that successfully use Dashboards in the management of their company, often see that dedication and focus in their financials and a stronger and healthier bottom line.

Back to the drawing board

Sometimes you need to stop and look at what you really need.  Realize the system has the capability and framework to do what your company really needs to realize the success you wanted to achieve with a high performance ERP system, like Global Shop Solutions.  GSS has that framework, but we have the people and team to be able to strip it down to the framework and build it back, exactly the way you need.  Boosted Performance, Real-time metrics, etc.   

We are capable of doing just that.

What is different about us?

We stand apart from others, even the manufacturer in that we have manufacturing expertise.  So when you talk about your accounting practices, and inventory practices as they are set by GAAP.  We not only understand, but we have been there.   When you talk about how things move from raw materials to finished goods.   We have done more than seen a flow chart of it.   This makes it so we can provide ideas to your needs, bring solutions to the table, but proactive to your needs instead of reactive.

We assign you a team, this team get's to know you, and your business.  Every time you call, or start a new project-you will not have to continually go through what your company does, how they do it.   We save you a huge amount of time and frustration right there.  Since we are a smaller company and have adopted a client centric process where and we view ourselves as a member of your team.  Your dedicated GSS Experts and Specialists.   This means we are faster and more responsive.   We can normally go from need to quote in 2 to 4 weeks and from start of project to complete hold an average project delivered time of 3 to 4 weeks.   This obviously is affected by the scope of work.   Sometimes if it is a report or platform we have developed already, then it can be completed very quickly.    

We are responsive, proactive, concise, professional experts in the GSS ERP and utilization of the GAB platform for optimization of your system.      

Make us your newest GSS GAB Expert Team Member.